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Please be informed that CARDINALTECH uses cookies and activity files for its correct operation, that provides information regarding the actions taken by USERS during the browse. CARDINALTECH is responsible for the cookies and the processing of data obtained through third-party cookies deciding on the purpose, content and use of the gathered information.

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Cookies are small data archives sent by the visited webpage to our computer and are used to register some interactions of the webpage navigation to store upgradeable and recoverable data. Those archives are stored in the USER’s computer and contain anonymous, unharmful data. Cookies are used to remember USER’s preferences as the chosen language, access data or webpage customization.

Cookies can also be used to record anonymous information about how a visitor uses a site. For example, from which web page has accessed or whether an advertising banner has been used to reach that page.

Cookies are essential to the correct functioning of the Internet, and they cannot damage the USER’s computer/device when they are operative in the browser settings.

Cookies cannot extract information from a hard drive or steal personal information.


SESSION COOKIES: Session cookies store data during the webpage browsing, which are deleted at the end of the session.

PERSISTENT COOKIES: Those cookies are stored in the USER’s computer for a longer time,  facilitating control on selected preferences without having to repeat certain settings every time you visit the web.

OWN COOKIES: Cookies created for this web which can only be read by this webpage. Own persistent cookies are installed on <cardinaltech.iowith the following purposes:

  • Technical: Those cookies are used to control the upload of images on the home page according to the chosen settings (time, visits number, etc.).In addition, they allow access to certain parts of the web and to locate the USER.
  • Personalization: Those cookies are used to remember the size selected to display web contents and display it on the next visits of the web page.
  • Analysis: Cookies that allow following the incoming traffic at the webpage for statistic purposes.

THIRD PARTIES COOKIES:  They are cookies created by third-parties and that we use for different services (e.g.: advertising or webpage analysis purposes).

Hereunder are detailed the third parties that may adjust and access Cookies from your computer (they won’t be exempt from information and consent), as well as the purposes sought by storing the information:

TECHNICAL COOKIES (Used to control traffic and data communication by using security features during the navigationAlso used to identify and maintain USER’s session, to store content for the dissemination of videos and sounds and to share content with social networks (plug-in).)

  • THIRD PARTIES: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, UserVoice, Tealium.
  • PERSONALISATION COOKIES (Those cookies allow the USER to specify or custom some features from the web page’s general settings. For instance, to define the language, the favourite volume, the regional services configuration, the browser type or the resulting number shown for each page.
  • THIRD PARTIES: YouTube, Facebook

ANALYTIC COOKIES (An analytic tool that helps web pages to understand how their visitors interact with them involving multiple cookies to collect information and report statistics from web pages without personally identifying the visitors.)

  • THIRD PARTIES: Google Analytics, YouTube, Twitter, Adobe Analytics.

ADVERTISING COOKIES (Advertising cookies allow managing spaces on the web page, based on specific and clear criteria. For instance, the access frequency, the edited content, etc…)

  • THIRD PARTIES: DoubleClick, Google, Criteo, Adgravity.

FLASH COOKIES (We also use flash cookies to store your preferences, as the volume control setting or to show content based on your previous consultations, allowing to customize your visit. Third party companies, with which we collaborate to offer specific features at the web page, are using flash cookies to compile and store non-personal data. Flash cookies are different from the session or persistent cookies regarding the amount, type and method of storing data. Management tools of the cookies provided by your browser will not delete flash cookies).


CARDINALTECH only uses the necessary and essential cookies for you to use <> and browse freely, using secure areas, customized settings, etc., as well as to obtain data regarding the analysis of the web.

Cookies help CARDINALTECH to improve its services, to know the use and performance of its website so it can be optimized and personalized. Our pages may be linked to social networks (such as Facebook or Twitter). CARDINALTECH has no control over the cookies used by those external webs.  For further information about social network cookies, or other external websites, we recommend you to check their own cookies policies.


  • Own cookies:

– Session cookies: ginger-cookie

  • Third parties cookies:


1 week

Transfers data to Google.


1 week

Transfers data to Google.


2 years

Stays connected to your Google account when visiting its services again. For a better user experience.



Gives a message to the visiting user, so the user is aware that our website uses cookies.



Gives a message to the visiting user, so the user is aware that our website uses cookies.


2 years

Stays connected to your Google account when visiting its services again. For a better user experience.


6 months

The bottom Google+1 used in our website is allocated in Google, its browser sends information of cookies that Google required if you keep your account opened, the data is used by Google with to link it to your account.


1 month

These cookies are used by Google to store the user preferences and the information during the visit of the pages with maps from Google.


2 years

Stays connected to your Google account when visiting its services again. For a better user experience.


2 years

Stays connected to your Google account when visiting its services again. For a better user experience.


3 months

This cookies is used by Google to provide with service and obtain anonymous information about navigation.


2 years

Stays connected to your Google account when visiting its services again. For a better user experience.


1 year

Cookie used to remember the acceptance of the privacy policy by the user.


If the USER decides to accept the use of cookies, the notice will not be seen again when accessing the website. If the USER closes the cookie policy notice, it will be hidden implying that the USER accepts the use of cookies.

Finally, if the USER decides to MODIFY THE SETTINGS, he/she shall get more information regarding what cookies are about, know CARDINALTECH’s Cookies Policy and modify his/ her browser settings.


You may deactivate or delete cookies from this web page at any moment. These actions are conducted differently according to the browser you are using. You will find hereafter some links that will allow you to check this out.

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It is also possible to narrow down how third parties’ web install cookies in your computer, to avoid the collection of data and the record of your navigation activity.

In order to restrain the cookies used by third parties, go to the web settings or Opt Out.

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Choose “Erase all webs” option or select the specific web page you want to delete and press “Erase this web”.

Keep in mind that, if you decline or erase browsing cookies, we will not be able to maintain your preferences or some web features will not be available. Additionally, we will not be able to offer you personalised services and each time you browse through our webpage, we will have to ask your authorization.

However, if you decide to modify your web access settings, you should know that it is possible to delete cookies or prevent information to be registered in your computer at any time through your browser’s settings modification.